LeadAi Demo



How it Works

  1. Type any text into the text box and click the Submit button.
  2. Wait for the machine learning model to process the input.
  3. The Prediction will appear with either "Lead" or "Not a lead" and the Score will appear as either a negative or positive decimal number. The score demonstrates how confident the model is in its prediction. The farther away from zero the score is, the more confident the model is.

When input is submitted to the machine learning model, it is processed through an extremely complex gradient boosting classification model.

This model is generated by training the machine using millions of unique SMS replies and is updated constantly to ensure accuracy.

When the model is provided input, it is able to determine whether a customer is a potential lead to follow up with.

All input submitted, as well as the predictions and scores, are saved in our secure training database for future supervised training.